We provide services to institutions and communities in different ways, according to our expertise and our purpose.
Impact actions
We create campaigns that connect the public to the cause and promote interactive events that encourage community participation. Through visual arts and other forms of cultural expression, we raise awareness of the profound relationship between health and the environment, with a focus on climate change and air pollution.
We provide technical consultancy specialized in air quality management and monitoring policies, health assessments in the face of air pollution and climate change and climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, helping organizations develop effective actions and projects.
Lectures, events and education
We offer education connecting environment and health, through workshops, lectures and educational materials, to raise awareness about the health impacts of the climate crisis and air pollution and the urgency of public and private solutions that promote socio-environmental sustainability.
We carry out research services in air quality, climate and health, collecting data, analyzing trends and developing insights that guide policies, practices and technologies aimed at climate balance and global health.
Corporate volunteering
We coordinate corporate volunteering actions with a focus on engaging the internal public of partner companies. We mobilize tree planting activities, environmental education, mentoring and group projects.
Our commitment is to defend people's health in the face of the climate crisis and air pollution. If you are looking for professional consultancy, specialized research, educational programs or impactful campaigns on the topic, fill out the form and get in touch.
Looking for solutions for a healthier and more sustainable future?
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